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When Calico Mom (Carole) met her husband, Roy, Panda was a kitten. We later joked that Roy married Carole for the cat. Panda was quite a cat, never getting larger than five pounds. Roy could put her on his shoulders and walk around and she'd just sit there. At the age of about 10, she finally became a lap cat and would come when Roy whistled. Her favorite tune? "Exodus." After that Roy couldn't get her off his lap.

Panda was the kind of cat who loved to sit on anything handy. She was especially in love with sitting on paper bags as you'll see below.



Since Panda was a very small cat, she could be held easily. She didn't mind at all and often would jump on Roy's shoulders and just sit there. Here Carole and Panda hugged in the kitchen.


Panda in a typical bag-sitting photo.

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