We've had five cats. The first, Panda, was a small black and white cat with green eyes who lived from 1973 until 1991, a good long cat life. In 1991, we got Daisy and Phoebe at the age of 10 months, two calico sisters who, as you can see from the photos, were truly a perfect calico pair. Our cats have been a very important part of our lives and they have always been treated as members of the family. On May 20, 2002, our beloved Daisy died after a severe illness. And on September 28, 2004, we lost Phoebe to illness.

And now we have two new cats for our household, Duke and Sadie. They can be seen by clicking here.

Was this comfortable, or what? Phoebe had taken possession of that pillow.

A favorite place for the pair. The picture window was installed with the cats in mind.

Daisy was a very sweet cat who is missed terribly.

(July 1990-May 2002)

Phoebe started out as somewhat of a feral cat. She was hard to catch but she turned into one of the friendliest buddy cats imaginable.

(July 1990 to September 2004)

Phoebe sitting in the Sunday sun. June 2002.

Closeup of Phoebe, taken in December 2003

Phoebe enjoying the Rose Parade on New Year's Day, 2004

One of my last photos of Phoebe in one of her favorite places.

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