In those days when I ran my own darkroom, I found that capturing images, especially in black and white, was a truly profound experience. No matter how an image looked to the naked eye, it appeared as a totally different experience on paper, in black and white, almost as if it were a reflection of another world. I quickly learned that one could manipulate the photos in the darkroom, much as one can do with images today in Photoshop. Use of different papers and chemicals, dodging, burning, and occasional use of filters could turn what might be an ordinary experience in life into a thought provoking image for the viewer. Below are some examples. The first photo was taken in Albuquerque, NM, when I started visiting there in 1971. Whenever I look at a picture like this, I'm always amazed at how the camera can capture a single instant in a person's life. The second was taken in England in 1977, at Salisbury Cathedral where I was overwhelmed by the incredible gargoyles and sculptures on the outside of that marvelous structure. And the third was taken on a weekend trip to West Virginia in the late 1970's. The lighting couldn't have been better for what I was trying to take.

Albuquerque, 1971

Gargoyle, Salisbury Cathedral

West Virginia Ferns

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