After a great deal of planning, and with the help of my good friend Ben Platt, the Dodger webmaster, a group of online friends from the Dodger Zone on America Online, as well as some other friends and family members of mine, came together at Dodger Stadium on July 4, 1999. I have found that the vast majority of those online friends I have met in person have turned out to be as nice to know in person as they are online. And the experience of July 4th was no different. Together in one place from the Dodger Zone were MEckner, Wellread, AndreaBB, Amory, CoachPhil, and Roy Dodger. BennyP (Ben Platt) dropped by for a few minutes during his busy game duties. And the day was a success. The Dodgers easily beat the San Francisco Giants, 7-1, and the game was followed by a spectacular Independence Day fireworks display. As usual, I had my cameras and the following are some of the results.

To begin, we have Wellread, in the blue shirt in the middle, sitting next to Coach Phil on the right. As you can see, Phil was better prepared for Ebbets Field. ;-)

Engaged in heated conversation are, from left, a friend of Coach Phil's who came along from Las Vegas; Amory, AndreaBB, Wellread, and, seated on the right, MEckner.

Raul Mondesi looked eager to join our group, but alas remained on the field and on the big screen.

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