It was 1973, and I was in a yoga class led by Edie “Jaya” Coulson at Northern Virginia Community College.  The next thing I knew I was part of a group that spent lovely weekends at Jaya’s Ashram and farm in Front Royal, VA, exercising, meditating, eating, socializing and just having fun.  These are some of the photos and snapshots I took at the time.
Jaya's Ashram 1973
In the Ashram
Meditating on the hill
The main house
We spent lots of time socializing on this porch
Lonnie, Paul, and Shar
Betty exercising
Jan, Maxine, and others, hanging out
Kitty, Shar and Dick
Betty and Charlene
Joyce and Kitty
Jaya and Paul
Paul, Charlene and Betty
Paul, Charlene
Paul, Zora, and Roy
Looking back from the road
Roy and Shar
Paul showing off for the camera
On the porch
Mary Margaret
Charlene and Alex
Sandy doing some guitar picking
Paul’s paint job