In 1977, my wife and I went to England just before the Queen's Jubilee. We visited London, saw the rehearsal of the trooping of the colors, drove out to the Cotswolds, down to Salisbury Plain, and then over to Brighton. From Brighton we drove north to Reading to visit friends and ended our trip back in London. During this trip I took many photos, all on slides. With the advent of digital photography, I've been able to convert many of my slides into digital images which you will see here. This is a selection of the photos I took on that trip. While some are related, they are presented in no particular order.

Among the photos, you will see some portraits which are of my wife Carole; myself; a longtime friend and penpal of my father's, Leslie Morris; and two friends from Sydney, Australia, Robyn and Rick, who were then staying in Reading. You will also see scenes of London; the activities of the red-coated British military, including changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, the trooping of the colours, and at the Tower of London; Brighton and its Royal Pavilion; Salisbury Cathedral; Stonehenge; Bath and the River Avon; a mummy at the British Museum; and the inside of St. Paul's Cathedral.