More Ballparks from Bill Goff's collection

I was at the first game ever played at Shea Stadium in 1964, sitting in the lower deck in right field. But over the years I've sat throughout the park, including in this interesting location in the left field corner. I can still remember one rainy night standing in about this location watching the game get washed away and the rain reflecting against the lights.

This is "Left Field Corner" by Andy Jurinko. © Bill Goff, Inc. 1998

Roger Maris' homering at Yankee Stadium on October 1, 1961.

This is "Ten/One/Sixty-One" by Bill Purdom, ©Bill Purdom 1992

Ebbets Field as it look from the sky. The neighborhood nature of the park is unique today only to Fenway Park and Wrigley Field.

This is "Above Ebbets Field" by Andy Jurinko, © Andy Jurinko 1992

Also known as Connie Mack Stadium, Shibe Park was the last home of the Philadelphia Phillies before Veterans Stadium, and was also the home of the Philadelphia Athletics before they left Philly and moved to Kansas City.

This is "Shibe Park Forever," by Andy Jurinko, ©Bill Goff, Inc. 1990

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